About Us

Hey I'm Alicia and I created Body Butters by Ali as an all natural alternative to healing my son's eczema. After I had Kobe, my doctor's prescribed cream after cream all laden with steroids and parabens and phthalates all of which were doing more harm than good.

I researched the healing benefits of different butters and I decided to try my hands at making something to soothe his delicate skin.

In 6 months, his skin had completely transformed into glowing, soft and healthy and everyone who knew me began asking me what my secret was.

After making products for some of the moms in my new moms groups and receiving amazing before and after pics, I knew that I had a gift that was worth sharing.

All of our products are handmade in small batches and I strive to use all natural and organic ingredients that respect both the body and the planet.

 Try my bestselling Double Whipped Body Butter if you don't know where to start and please remember to share your before and after pics so we can share with others.


Love you 😍